15 November 2014

Summer in the Highlands

film photograph of fashion model Brittney at Point Reyes by Mark Joseph Studio

Brittney and I managed to catch Point Reyes on a rare sunwashed afternoon for these fashion photographs, shot for her modeling portfolio. The landscape was a gorgeous wonderland of gentle minty greens all the way to the baby-blue horizon—a perfect complement to her warm, colorful fashion.

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10 November 2014

Erika in Black

film photograph of fashion model Erika by Mark Joseph Studio

Producing portraits with Erika is always such a treat. And like all of the most creative moments, it's done in a blink: she finds the light and the camera, I hit the shutter, and before either of us quite realize we've done anything at all, we're 36 exposures in and the film is rewinding.

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9 November 2014

Drama Casual

fashion model Veronica in casual style and dramatic light, by Mark Joseph Studio

Dramatic autumn skies near the Alameda, California waterfront frame Veronica's stylish casual look for a result that's anything but casual!

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