5 May 2016

Photography Is For Everyone

Photography is a democratic craft: everyone can learn to shoot compelling frames that share a unique, meaningful perspective.

I've set aside this area of my web home to host a concise discussion of how I've learned to do what I do—how you might, too: from discovering your own distinct creative vision to mastering the techniques and technology with which you might shape and share it.

Where to start? Just three building-block topics can lay a broad creative foundation:

Main menu links, below, organize posts to come into these basic reference categories. And, as your interests develop, you'll find two more topics that may inspire—one looking forward from contemporary digital photofinishing, one looking back to the craft's analog, (al)chemical heritage:

On this page you'll find all material listed blog-style, in chronological order. Need an occasional prod to keep your progress in motion? Stop by and see what's new!

If you're curious about specific topics or technique, don't hesitate to let me know. I would be so glad to offer thoughts or ideas regarding any aspect of the craft that interests you!

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